FAQs Laken Inflatables

Q: How do I book?

A: To book one of our inflatables, please book online using our new booking system! Or feel free to either text us, ring us, email us or find us on Facebook. All of our contact details are available at the footer of the website

We expect our equipment to be treated with care and respect and when staff return to collect the equipment the inflatable must be inflated, soft play returned to the matting provided and all ball pool balls to be returned to the ball pool. The equipment must be in a clean manor to a similar cleanliness as when it was set up by our staff. If the equipment is dirty with confetti, face paint, food/drinks or large amounts of grass you will be charged a cleaning fee of up to £50. for out side hire we understand that not all grass can be removed but please be mindful and give it a quick wipe off. If the inflatable is hired to a garden and it does rain, you MUST keep the inflatable inflated, if this has been left down in the rain you will be charge a drying cost of up to £35. Soft play out side MUST be kept dry again if it rains take the soft play inside to keep dry.


Q: what times do i put down for hall hires

A:For indoor Hall Hires and events we will arrive at your specified time requested and same for collection please allow 1 hour either side of party .If Booking For A Hall (inside Venue) Please Write Hall From, Party Start, Party End, Hall Till, And Please Have 1 Hour Either Side Party Start And End

Q: Is the bouncy castle cheaper if I only book it for 4 or 2 hours?

A: The price of the items you want are still the same price for 2 or 4 hours as it is for the day. This is due to it not being able to be booked out the same day.

Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: We require a 20% non refundable Deposit to secure the booking . This is a non-refundable deposit


Q: When Do i pay the remaining amount

A: the system sends out a reminder email 3 days before and 1 day before and can be paid via link on the email or cash on the day on set up we can also take bank transfer please contact us for bank details

Q: How long does it take to set up/pack away inflatables?A: Please allow 15 - 30 minutes for the setup and pack away of our equipment. Depending on what castles and packages have been hired

Q: How much space is required?A: This depends on each individual Bouncy Castle, please see description or if unsure please call and we will be happy to help. we can not be held liable

Q: Do you have insurance cover?A: Yes. We have £5 million public liability insurance. Most Council run venues will insist on this, copies of our insurance certificates are available on request.

Q: Can castles be set up on concrete/gravel?A: Unfortunately, inflatables cannot be set up on concrete as we are unable to anchor them securely. Grass or large indoor space is suitable for our bouncy castles as this way we can ensure they are correctly and safely secured. HSE has stated that we would require 163kg of weight per anchor point to secure the castle if not using stakes when outdoors. This is too much weight for us to carry around on our vans as we would need 163x6 (minimum) anchor points, so over a ton in weight! We secure the inflatables down with heavy duty stakes, so we need a grass area to put them on. However, if you have path area (which is flush to the grass) with grass either side we would be about to put in on there as long as we can get the anchor points staked down securely. Please discuss this with us at time of booking.

NB. We will not put inflatables on soil/mud or sand either!

Q: How far in advance should I book?A: We recommend that you book as far in advance for your event/party as you can to ensure we have castles available and avoid disappointment. We are able to take last minute bookings right up until the day of your event, please feel free to call to discuss availability.

Q: What is included in the price?A: All of our bouncy castles/bouncy castle combo slides come with safety mats, extension lead, blower, ground stakes or sandbags for indoor venues. Our experienced team will set up the inflatable for you and we will run through how to use the equipment correctly and safely in order for you to maximize your enjoyment.

Q: What if it rains?

A: We are happy to set up in the Rain

Q: Does wind affect my Bouncy Castle hire?A: If winds are forecast at 24mph (including Gusts) or more then we will not erect any castle, this is due to safety. It is not safe for a castle to be put up in high winds, therefore, the hire would be cancelled Due to safety law EN14960 and HSE

Q: What is a PIPA/RPII certificate?A: Each Bouncy Castle MUST have an annual test to certify it is safe to use, they come in different forms including PIPA, RPII. The benefits of PIPA tags and certificates are that the inflatable unit and its details are recorded on a national database accessible to anyone by visiting www.pipa.org.uk. The certificate and tag will match the unique reference number so that the client can always check the compliance of the product in meeting the EN14960 standard.

Q: When are your bouncy castles available?A: Our castles are available 7 days a week all year round including Bank Holidays. * this can change depending on staff holidays Different times of the year we may only operate a saturday and sunday bookings only due to staff holidays and winter months

Q: Do you offer Overnight hire?

A: Yes we can depending on the items hired and if the garden is in locked and secured location. Overnight hire is an additional From £30 + Vat depending on the products

Q:What time is Set up and collection

A: Set ups are anytime between 8-12 and collections start from 5pm generally first dropped is first collected etc so everyone has the same time with the inflatables we do try and do the best ie set up times for our customers and at times we can be flexible but we try and plan the best economical route. if you wanted till late we can not guarantee collection time and advise you pay for overnight hire for an extra from £30 + Vat that way you wont have to worry about the collection that evening and our staff will collect the next morning

Q: what power do i need

A: We will need a mains 13amp plug 1 for each inflatable. We supply our extensions leads up to max 40mtrs in length. please insure this is not plugged into another extension lead the team will check on set up. all our electrical equipment is PAT tested

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